19th November: World Toilet Day. Theme: Wastewater

There are a whole lot of people around the world who do not own or have access to good toilets.Because urinating and defecating remains a natural phenomenon, people are often found disposing this waste any where. However, this waste remains so dangerous to human health. According to the UN, Poor sanitation is the number one cause of world leading diseases especially for humans and most especially women and children. Women stand the chance of picking up Syphilis and gonorrhea from contaminated toilet systems. it is to this that the UN general assembly in 2013 declared 19th of November as World Toilet Day. Thanks to CHAMEG Cameroon and NGO where i volunteer, I was able to organize a clean up Campaign on the eve, and celebrated this day with Parent’s Mountain School Buea (PMS)



Girls around the world and Cameroon particularly  suffer rape from direct family members, friends , intimate partners, and strangers. Consequently, the victims are exposed to societal stigmatization and rejection. Also, victims run a risk of contracting STDS. Unfortunately, these victims become less self confident in taking action and are rejected. Because of threats, lark of self worth and fear for stigmatization, victims hardly report these cases or break the silence. often, I think rape occurs because of the sexual objectification of girls and women,the  societal stereotypes that  regard girls as inferior to men, vulnerable, weak and less defensive.

Today therefore, thanks to Gender Empowerment and Development (GeED) in collaboration with HEforSHE, I advocate for the rights of the girl child by condemning rape in all it’s forms, through the inclusion of boys and men in the fight against rape. Family members friends and love ones should engage in this fight by abolishing the blame the victim approach, punish perpetrators. By so doing, we will promote a peaceful and inclusive society for sustainable development.