Engendering Birth Control.

In many communities, birth control has been regarded as a woman’s thing. Some women even propose to their husbands but yet they refuse for reasons I can’t say. I even hear people make statements like “she knew she can’t take care of the kids and why did she keep opening her legs”.

But my brother and sisters, I want you to know politics doesn’t exist only in polls but it exist in sex too. Actually I get so worried when we give birth to just too many children than we can take care of.

In most rural communities, my observation has it that, the burden of household poverty lays on the shoulders of women and yet, more women are more likely to be poor than men. They need to search for food to feed the family by hook or by crook. Sad enough, you find the fathers of these kids at times involved in gambling activities such as draft, pari foot, and the list is long. Some of these men spend their lifetime in beer parlors. They drink to stupor before gaining consciousness of ever returning home.

What weights me down is that the same kids of this same drunkard are in the neighbourhood running around with rags on them as clothes with shattered panties, searching for what to feed themselves with, while exposing themselves to communicable and non communicable diseases. While they do this, their father is in beer parlours sharing turns. This is so typical of rural lifestyle in Cameroon. The health of children are neglected, education and development, while the health of women is put at risk. At times, this these sort of men get more than 2 women pregnant, with almost no desire or aspiration to nurture these children

Men and birth control

My partial solution to this is to educate men more on birth control methods through sensitizations and seminars. A woman may only get pregnant for 9 months but a man will get 9 or more women pregnant in 9 months.

Who Actually Can Joint the Race for the Fight Against Gender Based Violence (GBV)?

Every survivor of GBV needs help, and not blames. Whatever the sort of violence, it is never the victim’s fault. Above all, GBV is a human right violation. As such, cases of GBV need to be treated as a matter of urgency to save the survivor from the precarious outcomes. The question is, who can be of help?
Either consciously or unconsciously, we do this or that which serves as a preventive measure or a response measure to GBV. We need therefore to put our efforts together (form networks of service providers) and save more souls.
The family, friends, the traditional and religious leaders, groups, schools, the medical sector, the for legal institutions, forces of law and order or security, financial institutions, counsellors, and the list is long.
How do we do it? you can render advice, you can refer cases to competent service providers, you can sensitize, you can accompany a survivor to seek justice, you can empower the survivor economically, you can build the self esteem of the survivor and many others.
It is in this light that LUKMEF on the 20th and 21st organized the first ever National Civil Society Organizations (CSO) forum in Buea, in a bid to build a National CSO Coordination mechanism on ending GBV.
For more details on this, contact the LUKMEF office in Buea at Salvation Pharmacy building last floor at the top. Or reach me directly. You can as well report cases of GBV on our Ops4omen app on play store.


(please watch the video at the end produced by LUKMEF)

The works of Liberal feminists, have advocated the eradication of gender stereotypes which prevent women from getting into the public sector(the paid sector). The question is , who really cares about what happens to women/girls in this sector of the economy?
In policies of institutions, men and women are said to have equal chances of being promoted (upward mobility). But there is always that factor which prevents women/girls from navigating from one level (inferior level) to the next (superior level), which is often associate with better salaries, better working conditions and higher wage packages. Many factors are accountable for this such as the stereotypes and binaries that hold that men are more rational and women are emotional, women of reproductive age will likely perform the child baring role and men will not e.t.c. The worst among these factors or the glass ceiling is “sexual harassment”. Most male bosses often harass their female staff sexually in exchange for upward mobility , or a means to access opportunities which they are worth.
please watch the video, and discover what LUKMEF teaches females to do in the face of sexual harassment in the world of work.


In every community, there is that problems, or those problems which we find very inappropriate, and as such, may want to work towards addressing it/them. But the situation here is, you cannot solve a problem without knowing what actually that problem is. Hence, to identify a problem, you need to investigate why that problem keeps existing. Without this, you will never be able to get a solution, or a sustainable solution. With that done, design possible solutions, and a plan of implementation. The criteria you ought to use in deriving a sustainable solution involves, interrogating the frequency of the problem, the duration of the problem, the number of people affected by this problem, and if the problem affects either a few persons, or an entire community (severity). You will also have to inquire if the problem deprives people of their legal and moral rights. Above all, you will have to find out if inhabitants of that community find your worry as a problem and need an urgent solution. To derive a solution therefore, you will have to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and then replicate if it works well. Remember that everything you get involved in must be well documented.
Very often, we have these big dreams to change the world, we have great ideas, but making it work is the uphill task. You ought to build a network of partners. The advantage of this is that, where ever you find yourself lacking any resource be it material or immaterial, financial or human, the next partner could always fit in. working as a team gives you the impetus, the moral booster, recognition, clarity, guidance, and support. Despite how rosy team work may be, it has its very own odd such as team players getting pessimistic, untrue to the course, absenteeism, failure to meet up with deadlines, failure to follow instructions, and the list is long. Although we may encounter these odds, there is need to brave the challenges and get going. For “change is what we want”. As a change maker, you have to lead, be discipline, work extra hard, so as to make it work.
Getting a sustainable plan, you need to clarify your mission, define what you want to sustain, build a good collaboration with partners, choose a sustainability strategy, and make sure you communicate your successes to team mates. Remember that the major reason for which we plan, is because resources are limited. As such funding becomes a greater determinant for the implementation of our designed projects. We could therefore fund raise through institutional fundraising, public fundraising, crowdfunding, and grants. But watch out for the policies, areas of priority, procedures and psychology of funders.
Be real, be true and factual. It is not all about you, but the team. With a team, your outcomes, surely will amount
to something great.

creating sustainable community solutions
group picture

during the event
during the event
at he event



The number of teenage pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, and the spread of STDs, is on a steady increase. However, the repercussions are often more visible on girls in terms of early pregnancies, school dropout, and other health risks. It is in this light that the Integrated Health Organization (IHO) seeks to “inspire better health”, through which it helps inspire hope and well being of individuals. Contraceptives are used in preventing unplanned pregnancies, STDs and for family planning. This can be done with the use of drugs (pills), sterilization of male and females reproductive organs, or barrier methods. All those at the reproductive age, males and females are capable of using contraceptives. Methods of contraception include natural methods, artificial methods, cervical methods and the calendar methods. Unfortunately, the decision either to or not to use contraceptives is mostly influenced by men even though the non-use of contraceptives affects more women than men. When contraceptives are used, birth can be planned and the rate of STDs reduced. above all, there will be a significant drop in the number of teen-mothers.

at the conference hall of the American Corner in the University of Buea.

participants after the workshop.


Today, with the availability and accessibility of devices such as cell phones, video and audio recorders, people can take a good number of pictures, records and videos a day, or over time(DISCOVER). Having had these pictures, we are at times ready to share them through various social media such as; WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram (SHARE). if this is not done, we keep them so as to keep records of happenings or memories (REMEMBER).
The media has assisted women and girls in several ways.
it has reduced poverty: women now snap their home made products and SHARE or Market them on the social media. Illiteracy rates among women and children have been reduced through distant learning and didactic videos, sensitization had been done concerning key issues through audios and videos. As a whole, the entire world now enjoy movies, and the print media through the aid of audio visual mechanisms.
Despite its advantages, it is sad to know that the “SHARING” aspect of audiovisuals has presented women as sex objects (pornography), and hence portraying how miserable and indecisiveness women are . Again, my observation has had it that there are more nudes on the social media that relates women than men. This implies women and girls ought to be cautious on what the publish on they social media. Positive change doesn’t come with a a negative mind set.

#ladies build your self esteem by going for what is right.
#Happy audiovisual Heritage Day to all.


#sharing the power

As the saying goes, health is wealth. A factor in the sustainability of a future generation, is the health of today’s youthful population. In low-income communities, the long-term health of the youth is affected by behaviours and activities that are deleterious to their health., such as: excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarette smoking, consumption of marijuana, sexual promiscuity, and so forth. These ills result from peer pressure, juvenile delinquency, and, more increasingly, the influence of the Internet.

It is necessary that we, each in our own little way, reach out to the “endangered” segment of our community, offer guidance and sensitise them to the consequences of the choices that they make. In that light, I am grateful to the Roots for Kids Foundation (which is an orphanage in Buea) and CHAMEG Cameroon, for giving me the oportunity to meet and talk to pre-teens and teenagers on matters of healthy life-style practices. I look forward for many more of such activities.