“Ending Female Genital Mutilation is not a choice”

FGM is a human right violation

Some human right violations cannot be wiped out completely, if cultural norms repugnant to natural justice are not deconstructed. In Cameroon, there exist over 360 ethnic groups. This implies that, although some of these groups might have some tiny similarities in their cultures, the differences in norms, traditional practices and values cannot be over emphasised. Though some of these practices are good, a number of them can be classified as serious human rights violations.

Cases as such include Female Genital Mutilation, which can still be traced in some parts of the centre, and South west regions of Cameroon. This practice is not just recorded in Cameroon. most especially as Cameroon currently records a great decrease in the FGM prevalence rates in the nation.

In the context of Cameroon, FGM is perpetrated by women on young girls, with the intention of retarding sex. In other words, preventing the girl child from becoming promiscuous at a tender age. This really sounds nice. But let’s look at it from this angle; With the practice,

.She stands the chance of bleeding till the cold hands of death snatch her away.
. She could contract HIV and other STIs.
. It makes her vulnerable to fistula(s).
. It violates her rights over her sexuality.
. She is traumatised
. It negatively impacts her psychology.
. She feels oppressed, suppressed, and violated.
. She ends up in deep and sharp pains.

This is just too much for the girl child to bare. It only doesn’t affect her at that age. It drives her adult hood.

What if we preserve her heath? What if you give her the right over her own sexuality? The questions just can’t end here.

We need to grant justice to women and the girl child.
We need to deconstruct negative traditional practices which violates human rights.
The time is now.

FGM is a human right violation directed towards women and the girl child.