The Education of children and and parenting.

The need for education in both the rural and urban areas is a burning desire for all parents and most young persons.
In as much as some parents have found it necessary to create enabling environments for the education of their kids, some parents have made education an unattainable dream.
Some constraints some of these kids encounter include huge work loads which makes children absent from school,end up on the streets, get to school very late and exhausted in a manner that makes studies difficult. These children do not just suffer from the huge work loads, but punishments from discipline authorities who never have the patience to understand why certain children often make it late to school. In addition, these children get to fail at the end of the term or accademic year. But still those who care about the “why” are few with more persons refering to them as “dull this or that”.

The worst case senario as seen on the picture above are kids who are sent to sell commodities before going to school. All these affects the child psychologically as they see their friends going to school while they can’t make it at the same time as their mates.

My observation has it that a few parents may find themselves violating the human rights of children in this manner but the proportion of extended relations who do this are numerous.

Parents (aunties, step mothers, and in-laws etc) have put a lot of children through hard times as regards education. Some have gone to rural areas to get children from poor parents promising to get them through education. While others keep to this promise,most do not. These children (especially females) end up in their homes as prostitutes, servants and constantly undergo a lot of torture in all dimentions.

I just can’t count the number of children i have met selling things like snails, puff rolls etc while thier friends are in school. When you ask them why they are not in school, some will say my step mother sent me to go and sell. Some say i will go tomorrow. Some say i don’t go to school. Some while heads down will just say nothing. I have met others crying on the streets begging for a hundred francs they misplaced while selling if not their aunts or ward (step mothers) will kill them.

In reality, we need to fight against child labor, promote the education of children, so as to guarantee a better future for younger persons for it is their human right . It doesn’t matter whose child it is but treat her/him the way you will either want to be treated, or want your own child to be treated.