Who Actually Can Joint the Race for the Fight Against Gender Based Violence (GBV)?

Every survivor of GBV needs help, and not blames. Whatever the sort of violence, it is never the victim’s fault. Above all, GBV is a human right violation. As such, cases of GBV need to be treated as a matter of urgency to save the survivor from the precarious outcomes. The question is, who can be of help?
Either consciously or unconsciously, we do this or that which serves as a preventive measure or a response measure to GBV. We need therefore to put our efforts together (form networks of service providers) and save more souls.
The family, friends, the traditional and religious leaders, groups, schools, the medical sector, the for legal institutions, forces of law and order or security, financial institutions, counsellors, and the list is long.
How do we do it? you can render advice, you can refer cases to competent service providers, you can sensitize, you can accompany a survivor to seek justice, you can empower the survivor economically, you can build the self esteem of the survivor and many others.
It is in this light that LUKMEF on the 20th and 21st organized the first ever National Civil Society Organizations (CSO) forum in Buea, in a bid to build a National CSO Coordination mechanism on ending GBV.
For more details on this, contact the LUKMEF office in Buea at Salvation Pharmacy building last floor at the top. Or reach me directly. You can as well report cases of GBV on our Ops4omen app on play store.