(please watch the video at the end produced by LUKMEF)

The works of Liberal feminists, have advocated the eradication of gender stereotypes which prevent women from getting into the public sector(the paid sector). The question is , who really cares about what happens to women/girls in this sector of the economy?
In policies of institutions, men and women are said to have equal chances of being promoted (upward mobility). But there is always that factor which prevents women/girls from navigating from one level (inferior level) to the next (superior level), which is often associate with better salaries, better working conditions and higher wage packages. Many factors are accountable for this such as the stereotypes and binaries that hold that men are more rational and women are emotional, women of reproductive age will likely perform the child baring role and men will not e.t.c. The worst among these factors or the glass ceiling is “sexual harassment”. Most male bosses often harass their female staff sexually in exchange for upward mobility , or a means to access opportunities which they are worth.
please watch the video, and discover what LUKMEF teaches females to do in the face of sexual harassment in the world of work.