In every community, there is that problems, or those problems which we find very inappropriate, and as such, may want to work towards addressing it/them. But the situation here is, you cannot solve a problem without knowing what actually that problem is. Hence, to identify a problem, you need to investigate why that problem keeps existing. Without this, you will never be able to get a solution, or a sustainable solution. With that done, design possible solutions, and a plan of implementation. The criteria you ought to use in deriving a sustainable solution involves, interrogating the frequency of the problem, the duration of the problem, the number of people affected by this problem, and if the problem affects either a few persons, or an entire community (severity). You will also have to inquire if the problem deprives people of their legal and moral rights. Above all, you will have to find out if inhabitants of that community find your worry as a problem and need an urgent solution. To derive a solution therefore, you will have to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and then replicate if it works well. Remember that everything you get involved in must be well documented.
Very often, we have these big dreams to change the world, we have great ideas, but making it work is the uphill task. You ought to build a network of partners. The advantage of this is that, where ever you find yourself lacking any resource be it material or immaterial, financial or human, the next partner could always fit in. working as a team gives you the impetus, the moral booster, recognition, clarity, guidance, and support. Despite how rosy team work may be, it has its very own odd such as team players getting pessimistic, untrue to the course, absenteeism, failure to meet up with deadlines, failure to follow instructions, and the list is long. Although we may encounter these odds, there is need to brave the challenges and get going. For “change is what we want”. As a change maker, you have to lead, be discipline, work extra hard, so as to make it work.
Getting a sustainable plan, you need to clarify your mission, define what you want to sustain, build a good collaboration with partners, choose a sustainability strategy, and make sure you communicate your successes to team mates. Remember that the major reason for which we plan, is because resources are limited. As such funding becomes a greater determinant for the implementation of our designed projects. We could therefore fund raise through institutional fundraising, public fundraising, crowdfunding, and grants. But watch out for the policies, areas of priority, procedures and psychology of funders.
Be real, be true and factual. It is not all about you, but the team. With a team, your outcomes, surely will amount
to something great.

creating sustainable community solutions
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