The number of teenage pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, and the spread of STDs, is on a steady increase. However, the repercussions are often more visible on girls in terms of early pregnancies, school dropout, and other health risks. It is in this light that the Integrated Health Organization (IHO) seeks to “inspire better health”, through which it helps inspire hope and well being of individuals. Contraceptives are used in preventing unplanned pregnancies, STDs and for family planning. This can be done with the use of drugs (pills), sterilization of male and females reproductive organs, or barrier methods. All those at the reproductive age, males and females are capable of using contraceptives. Methods of contraception include natural methods, artificial methods, cervical methods and the calendar methods. Unfortunately, the decision either to or not to use contraceptives is mostly influenced by men even though the non-use of contraceptives affects more women than men. When contraceptives are used, birth can be planned and the rate of STDs reduced. above all, there will be a significant drop in the number of teen-mothers.

at the conference hall of the American Corner in the University of Buea.

participants after the workshop.