Today, with the availability and accessibility of devices such as cell phones, video and audio recorders, people can take a good number of pictures, records and videos a day, or over time(DISCOVER). Having had these pictures, we are at times ready to share them through various social media such as; WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram (SHARE). if this is not done, we keep them so as to keep records of happenings or memories (REMEMBER).
The media has assisted women and girls in several ways.
it has reduced poverty: women now snap their home made products and SHARE or Market them on the social media. Illiteracy rates among women and children have been reduced through distant learning and didactic videos, sensitization had been done concerning key issues through audios and videos. As a whole, the entire world now enjoy movies, and the print media through the aid of audio visual mechanisms.
Despite its advantages, it is sad to know that the “SHARING” aspect of audiovisuals has presented women as sex objects (pornography), and hence portraying how miserable and indecisiveness women are . Again, my observation has had it that there are more nudes on the social media that relates women than men. This implies women and girls ought to be cautious on what the publish on they social media. Positive change doesn’t come with a a negative mind set.

#ladies build your self esteem by going for what is right.
#Happy audiovisual Heritage Day to all.