Langham,2015 defines teenage pregnancy as an unintended pregnancy during adolescence. Each year, in the Cameroonian context, thousands of teenagers (15-19 years) get pregnant. what i don’t know is if they knew they will get pregnant before daring into the act of sex. Reasons accountable for teenage pregnancy go beyond poverty. there also exist factors like:
* Peer pressure: often, teens are influenced by their friends to have unprotected sex as an option, though they some time take this option for fear of rejection within the peer

*Poor parental attention: sex education is a far fetched idea within Cameroonian families. As a result, children are left at the mercy of friends who claim to know it all. The lack of parental guidance and support has influenced the the constant increase of teenage mothers.

*Cultural and societal influences: Since Cameroonians glorify motherhood, in some communities, getting pregnant at a certain age speaks good about the lady. for example in the Muslim societies of Northern Cameroon, it is rare to find a lady who is unmarried and is above 18 years. As such, others grow up to copy the pattern and the cycle continues.

*Youthful naivety: some times, teens do not carefully understand the dynamics that exist as relates biological and emotional aspects attached to sex. Teens have wrong teachings from friends and peers, watch videos and read books which convey wrong information about managing the unsafe days. Lack of knowledge, influences these teens to result in wrong and irresponsible decisions. “Knowledge id Power”

*Rape: This refers to sex without arriving at a consensus between both partners, and is a strong factor accountable for teenage pregnancy.