#sharing the power

As the saying goes, health is wealth. A factor in the sustainability of a future generation, is the health of today’s youthful population. In low-income communities, the long-term health of the youth is affected by behaviours and activities that are deleterious to their health., such as: excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarette smoking, consumption of marijuana, sexual promiscuity, and so forth. These ills result from peer pressure, juvenile delinquency, and, more increasingly, the influence of the Internet.

It is necessary that we, each in our own little way, reach out to the “endangered” segment of our community, offer guidance and sensitise them to the consequences of the choices that they make. In that light, I am grateful to the Roots for Kids Foundation (which is an orphanage in Buea) and CHAMEG Cameroon, for giving me the oportunity to meet and talk to pre-teens and teenagers on matters of healthy life-style practices. I look forward for many more of such activities.